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Unhappy Injectors Possibly Clogged!

* Cliff Notes: I'm getting my auto tranny rebuilt it's at a buddy's shop David C. (import place) Kartec Motoring.

I blew my tranny had it towed back to my house. I tried to crank it wouldn't start. So I had it towed to his place.

I was told my car wouldn't start and my injectors were possibly clogged.

In total: $1100 for the rebuild, labor, and towing to 3rd party.

David pulled my tranny for me and cleaned my car for me. Later it was sent to a place that specializes in tranny's.

He guarantees his work so if something goes wrong I could bring it back to him.

I've never pulled a head from an MB is this a one man job?

Should I let him do it?

I'm more than capable of doing this but I'm no pro.
89 190E

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