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Sorry for the mistake.
Yes, i have replaced some of those also, and yes the console does need to come out to remove that piece. Once the console it out it's pretty easy, and actually removing the console isn't that bad either, and allows you good access to detail everything.
The mechanism can also just be replaced for the cupholder access door also. The wooden trim panel is removable on the top of the door, so that is reused.
Mainly you're just removing the screws under the false floor in the storage box, and removing the front piece of wooden trim (where the switches are) and disconnecting the wires for the switches, and removing the few screws you see under that trim, and the console will come out. Oh, the console-colored trim on the very rear of the console should be removed also; just pop out the top of it with a plastic blade of some kind, it will tip back on the top, then pull up on it and it'll be off. The only other thing is there is some pre-wiring for the phone on the bottom passengers side of the console you'll need to unsnap from the console. Then it's free. Lay it upside-down on and old towel or something, and you'll see the screws you need to remove. Try buying an extra-long #1 phillips screwdriver to remove the screws.


PS it's not pneumatic, it uses a spring and what I would describe as a "drag gear" to make it move in a controlled fashion like it does
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