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I am sure I speak for the vast majority of the members. Your advice, insight, guidance, and opinions are very highly valued. The personal time you spend to educate us is not taken lightly. I know that I also spend more time than I should monitoring this board and providing advice whenever I can, even if it is only dry humor, in an effort to repay my debts to others that have helped me amd to keep them coming back as a resource for my future needs. My time has been very minimal compared to what you have provided and I would hate to loose this resource.

Unfortunately, there is very little that us hacks can offer to you in return other than to express our gratitude, use your resources with respect and only when necessary or offered.

In my opinion, this forum us not to save us money. It is to grow our knowledge, confidence, increase our satisfaction with the car and our own abilities, and get us out of binds (car dead on a weekend). Saving money may be a by product. Buying the tools, manuals etc needed to do these tasks goes without saying. Finding the sources for some of these specialty tools is the great thing about this forum. Having insider info from a tech like you who has access to data that is not within our means, such as the specialty data you spend big bucks on, is wonderful and very generous of you.

Any public forum (how about congress?) has people who are not in step, way to the left or right, or just plain uniformed. Please excuse their ignorance and focus on the people who provide the feedback on how much you have helped.

I don't want a fish sandwich, please teach me to fish!

Season's Greetings!
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