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painting panels under headlights upon euro conversion w124

well, I just got the hole-less panels to replace the existing panels when I do a euro light conversion (my wipers don't work anyway). I am just curious what everyone's opinion is on my next step. I have three choices:

1. send panels to body shop and get original factory paint put on(most $)

2. get paint mixed into aerosol can and spray myself (less $)

3. buy can of spray paint from auto zone and spray myself (least $)

Now, my car is plain solid white, and as far as I can tell, a can from auto zone would match just fine. I do have a bit of experience painting automobiles, but I'm not even close to an expert at it. Another thing I have to consider is that I will be painting my grill insert black soon, too. The grill I am more inclined to take to a body shop because I can't seem to find plastic spray paint in a matte finish, and I want the grill to have some sort of chip protection mixed in with the paint (chipping is the reason I am replacing it), which I can't seem to find for sale anywhere. Maybe I can get a discount if the shop does the grill and panels all at once.

What would the forum do? As always, I greatly appreciate any responses.
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