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Manny has the answer. The answer is that oil service intervals are the result of a lot of influences. I would place long term life at the bottom of the considerations.

The recycling nature of the automobile is definitely being considered especially in Europe. I saw a presentation years ago that stated that the government had rules in effect that would require the oil companies to recycle a certain amount of what they sold. The concept continued with the end result being oil service technicians being licensed and possesion of oil limited to licensed users. (sort of like freon was supposed to be).

I personally believe that cost is the main consideration. modern buyers consider the monthly cost of transportation and service is part. They have bundled warrantee costs and now bundling service costs to monthly payments. It takes a real good accountant to understand how this costs one more but that is another story.

I have always said that one could just add oil for the life of the warrantee and original owners time, and trade, and never see the results of such abuse. MB knows that.
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