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Final Tips

The car is together and running, though I am waiting for a new tumbler as a preventative step. Here are a final few tips that may help future mechaincs.

Before disassembly, lock at the position of the tumbler relative to the trim. If it is not exactly centered, or even if it is, put some tape on the surrounding structure as a guide line for psotioning the steering lock during assembly. There is quite a bit of slop in the steering lock interface that is eliminated by the clamp. Proper positioning prior to tighttening this clamp will save you time. I had to take my bottom dash panel off three time to get my key positioned perfectly in the center of the trim panel.

For the two release pin W124 tumblers that pull straight out, vs the single release pin that unscrews, at 1 3/8 inches of insertion the release pins begin to to engaged the release springs, at 1.5 inches the pins have fully engaged the release springs. Put a piece of tape or nail polish on your pin at 1.5 inches so you will know you are in all the way. This will be especially helpful for the first timer, since once you know how all this works, things go much smoother. I do not know the dimension for the single release pin tumbler.

And yes Patsy, that is the wonderful little book I am talking about. I put a post on the Partsshop feedback alerting them to the tech page post. I think we should encourage as much business to be sent to the Partsshop to ensure the continued success of this tech forum!

Beep Beep from Atlanta!
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