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Bundling warrantee costs

In the thread on sludge, service interval calculations were discussed. It lead my mind astray for a moment and I thought I would discuss a concept I have battled other shop owners over. Most of them find the concept foreign and won't even look at it.

For the public the concept is the bundling of warrantee costs. I will tell the story as it applies to shop owners and see what rubs off.

The thread always starts with a shop owner writing that he has just heard from his customer (who had recently had a new water pump installed), that he has ruined his motor in another state due to the failure of that water pump he had installed. The shop owner of course didn't built the water pump and goes to his supplier. He asks for compensation for the defective part and his labor and sometimes he even suggests that he is owed the consequential damages that the car owner is asking for.

The general discussion goes to who offers what amount of warrantee and what ways each respondant would force his vendor to cover most or all of the problem.

Then I come along and state that I wouldn't buy from any vendor that crumbled to their tactics or from any vendor that offered labor warrantee let alone one that offered consequential damages warrantee.

I won't do this because warrantee costs are PAID for. They are not FREE!!! As a shop owner that has almost no warrantee problems I wish to self insure. I don't want to pay up front the costs of ill-equipted shops, using ill-trained techs who often use parts replacing for diagnostics and send the parts back for warrantee. So I buy quality parts direct and avoid the bundled costs and self-insure. I only have to be average to break even and I am in the 98 percentile so I win.

I mention this in what is probably a foreign context to point out that if you are anything like me, nothing ever breaks. It goes back to my childhood toys. It isn't an accident. I take care of what I own both in servcie and treatment. Is it logical for me to buy an automobile with the bundled warrantee costs of all the yahoos out there who tore up their toys?
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