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Steve, you ar not ranting, just venting... and understandably so.


I feel compelled to write on this subject matter. There are many types of people that are automobile enthusiasts, the vast majority of which do not posses a tremendous amount of technical knowledge. (No offense intended to anyone.) There are also many enthusiasts that have a limited knowledge of how their vehicles operate, although their technical knowledge may be limited to which parts function for certain purposes. These people do not necessarily understand the concepts and theories behind the operation of those parts, nor interactions thereof. (Again, no offense intended – i.e., I personally may know what brain surgery IS, although I in no way profess to understand the nuances of the various procedures.)

There also exists a small population of hard core enthusiasts that strive to understand the technical theories & functions of the various subsystems. I myself am not an engineer or automotive professional, however my curiosity and intuitive understanding of mechanical systems leads me to learn as much as possible, either through the direct receipt of information, or through the process of deductive reasoning. I find it to be great fun to figure out how things work, and WHY they work. There lies the difference. >WHY< That is where you excel, the WHY.

Your postings have consistently been the most fascinating for me to read on this forum. It is clear that your knowledge comes not only from experience, but also from an innate understanding of mechanical (& electrical) system theory. At times, it is frustrating for a master of any subject matter to impart their knowledge to persons that may not comprehend the implications of everything said by the master. It is also frustrating to feel as though one is taken for granted, especially when trying to help others. Your selflessness in spending your valuable time in helping people on this forum is GREATLY appreciated. Your expenditure of even more time looking up information for others is most deeply appreciated by persons that recognize that your time is valuable (time is money…) and that you are not being compensated (financially) for your time. Compensation comes in the form of knowing that you are helping others, a concept that is unfortunately somewhat rare in today’s society. (I spend a great deal of time in helping people on a forum related to a specific medical condition; it feels good )

I can only hope that you do not become discouraged by some of your experiences here. I hope that the positives will greatly offset the negatives. Your absence from this forum would leave a gaping hole that few others could hope to fill. I know that others here must feel the same way, whether or not it is communicated directly!

With all sincerity, I hope that you have a GREAT holiday, and a happy & healthy new year!
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