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Hey, I had one of those. Came with my wife as an 'accessory'. Gave it to my little brother, and it is still in service with 230k miles.
I've even taken the entire dash (including ignition) apart twice. Once because it was stolen, and again when the wiring harnesses melted down.

Anyways, short of a time-consuming disassembly, I would try tweezers or a hemostat. Possibly a dental pick, or 2 picks working together.

Someone once claimed they were able to pull this trick off with a drop of super glue, though if you used too much, it could make matter worse.

Unfortunately, the cylinder design is not such that you can poke something through from the back side to push the key out, which worked for me once on another car.

How far in is the break?

Might be time to install a push button starter switch... LOL!
1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.
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