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My Feeling is this, if you are taking your time to give out information, then you are providing a service that I think most people will appreciate.

I enjoy reading all the posts here just about, in fact I almost live on this board, and I can tell you I see more helpful information being passed on than non helpful.

Sure there are the flame posts that get out of hand sometimes, and thats always going to happen when people get together. Not everyone will get along.

In the case of giving out detailed technical info that might not be understood, well if I see something I don't understand I look it up. Ever been reading and come across a word you didn't know? What did you do, you looked it up in the dictionary. This is how things are done when you don't understand something you look it up.

If I post a subject on a problem I'm having, and you give me the mst technical response, whether I understand it or not, I make a point to understand it by researching what I was told.

If you were to hit me with some detailed description of something that I read and was like whats this thingy he mentioned or whats that thingy he pointed out, then I would do what was needed to learn about it.

In my industry, I'm plagued with so much technical jargon, I can easily overwhelm my clients because they have no idea what I am talking about, of course this does help when it comes time for them to pay the bill because if it sounds too technical it must cost more.

I am sure almost everyone if not everyone will agree with me when I say that people like you steve, are the reason I stay on this board and keep coming back for more. Your willingness to provide assistance to us in need of it has created a community I am proud to say I'ma part of.

I'm not a tech, and I probably wont be one, but I have found that the knowledge I have gained in here has helped me more than anything.

I had no idea what a flex disc was, I had no idea platinum plugs werent recommended, I had no idea on how to do this or that, but because of people like you sharing your knowledge, I feel that I am almost ready to buy a nice classic benz that needs a complete restoration. I want to get a classic benz, strip it down to the frame, and rebuild the whole thing, from the ground up. Without this board and people like you, I would never be able to handle a job like that on my own, but having you guys here, I know that if I were to tackle a big project like that, I'd be able to find out all the information I would need to get the job done, and get it done right.

I still have no idea about how an engine or trans really works, but I learn more each day, and I learn more because of people like you.

Keep up the good work. I know that I don't E-mail people on this forum much, because I feel that if they wanted to be bothered by me, well they'd just read a post I put up and reply to it hehe.

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