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The compromise I eventually reached was to continue trying to teach students to think through the problem, giving guidance as needed, until either their or my patience limit was reached. I would then show them how to solve the simplest example of the problem at hand, explaining the thought process used in solving the problem.

Usually before that point was reached, they had decided that they weren't going to be handed the answer on a platter, and either started thinking, or looked for someone else to do it for them. Not every student wants to learn, and even some of the ones who want to learn unfortunately do not have the skills necessary for learning, or the ability to acquire those skills.

From reading your many posts and descriptions, I think you would probably have made a pretty damn good teacher, and I enjoy learning from your posts. Spending too much of your time and resources on the ones who can't or won't try to learn from them will just frustrate you, and will divert your attention from the rest of your "eager students". The pinch is, only you can decide how much time is too much!

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