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1993 400E dash problem

I am a newbie with my first benz. This car came from Florida and the dash has separated (curved up and away) from where it joins the right side of the center console. I suppose the sun caused this, although the rest of the interior is great. I am trying to figure out how to get into this area and see if ther is a way to pull it back down so it mates with the top of the center console nicely. The passenger air bag is right beside this area (I know enough to disconnect the battery well ahead of time) but I can not determine how to get this lower part of the dash opened up so I can get in there. I have in-depth experience with BMW's, dash removal, etc., but this one has me stymied. Are there screws behind the wood trim strip, and if so, how does one get this trim off without breaking it? Can anyone out there help me with this? I have the factory CD set and this is not covered. Thanks much for your thoughts.

Garry Powell
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