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Originally posted by beevly
For leasing, Volvo, and I assume others, require the scheduled services to be performed as a condition of the lease. You either have it done at the dealer, or show proof you did it otherwise. I know nothing about how rigorously this is enforced.
Most leasing companies will beat the crap out of you with lease-end charges if the maintenance schedule has not been adhered to. That said, with MB you must follow only the FSS (Canada has no included service) and you're fine. A friend of mine had a Ford Explorer that was a little over on the odo, so he was prepared to pay the mileage charge, which he calculated to $800. The lease end charges were about $5000. The windscreen was pitted (who's is not?), there were rock chips on the hood and front fenders (I saw it, nothing out of the ordinary), etc. They just beat the crap out him. Then the extortion began... They forgave most of the charges when he leased another Explorer. This time he got smart. He found some poor schmuck to take over the lease, he took some cash and bought a used MB. No more leasing for him.
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