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Yes, I've had my C240 for a little over three years. I drove one in Germany the first few weeks they were introduced there. That was June of 2000. I came home from that trip and popped off saying that if they would sell me one in the US with a stick shift I would buy one. About two days later I got my Star magazine and it indicated that it would be available in the US with a six speed.

I went to Europe several times that summer the last trip was three weeks long and I was checking the web site every day to see if it had been released in the US. My 300E was broken at the time and so was my Vette. I was basically afoot. When I got back to DFW airport my Dad picked me up and took me straight to the dealer. This was September 2000.

Now that I am employed again, I will get to keep it. I was really getting worried about having to sell it.

Back to the oil checking. I am very old fashioned and like a dipstick as well, but since the engine uses no oil, I have found the instrument panel oil level check to be quite nice and totally reliable.

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