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I got it

I got the bolt out as well as the main job is now down, just have to put the car back together and make sure everything is nice and clean.

I used the old wooden brush in the flywheel technique and to my amazement, I was able to get the crank shaft blot out with one hand and no braker bar, just tells me that the guy who had it out last time didn't bother much to put it back in propperly. I'm not sure if I should be glad or worried.

In either case, the timing cover is off, the new timing rail is in, the old one was broken and started wraping towards the chain which caused the playing card between the spokes trick except with the timing chain and a piece of plastic as opposed to the playing card and spokes.

Tomorrow I have to climb back under the car and fix up the oil pan gasket, I have a new one, but the engine didn't go up high enough to get the pan out, so I will have to flush it with some old oil, after I scrape off the old gasket, if there is one there at all, I was quite sure it was glued to the pan, but it's not there. Put the new one back on, pick up the sealing paste from the dealer and propperly reattach all the bits and pieces.

I gotta say I was expecting much worse, but so far, this was quite an enjoyable job for a small time DIY like me, only one scraped kunuckle

1985 190E 2.3L - a constant project.
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