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Crossing My Fingers...

I know this is a bit early but I feel compelled to keep those that have expressed an interest - which I surely appreciate and have benefited greatly from.....I replace the wires yesterday. The wires are made for the 560 SEL and fit very nicely. They are constructed of "silicon over silicon" and carry a brand name of "STI". The old wires when put next to the new certainly showed their age - chaffed, not very malable, etc. After installing I took car out for a 20 minutes test. I swear the car never ran better - great response and smooth power delivery. Could it be my imagination? Possibly. This problem has a way of not showing itself for a few days. We'll see. To answer in regards to the fuel pump relay: I visually inspected and could not find any indication of solder joint breakage. It looked very much intact and complete. So far I have inspected the fuel pump relay, cleaned all (many) electrical contacts, inspected/cleaned grounds, replaced coil-plugs-cap-rotor and finally wires. If car continues running as great as it did last night and this morning (3-5 days) I would have to conclude it was the wires. Do any of you believe faulty wires would exhibit the symptoms I've described? Keeping you informed - wish me luck!
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