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C240 (w203) m112 engine shake


my 2001 C240 (v6) just had new sparkplugs, mass airflow sensor. but i still have this very light engine shake, i can only feel the shaking during "idling" especially on the transmission tunnel along the center console of the front seats where my leg rests. we have run a star diagnostic faults were found except for some misfiring in some cylinders...which are "stored faults" when i happened to fill up with some contaminated fuel a few months back. also, fuel pressure on the injectors have also been checked thru the star computer, and all 6 injectors are fine.

the car's rpm at idle is steady, it runs fast..accelerates smoothly. the only problem is the very slight shake. in one driving cycle, sometimes the engine shakes, sometimes, it does its semi-random.but i know its there.

any ideas???? i didnt change my fuel filter yet, but i dont think its the problem bcoz i dont have any problem with acceleration or when im driving fast.
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