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To understand the cost of warrantee look at the cost to buy extended warrantees. They know the numbers and although a bunch have gone belly up recently due to not realizing the unique costs involved with the latest cars, for the most part they make money at it.

I would imagine that anyone reading these lists would be a low insurance risk against failure. Failures do happen within warrantee but the costs are mediated by the consumer in direct relation to his sense. A water pump recognized as leaking and sceduled for repair cost a bunch less than one that fails on the road and that last 2 miles takes out the block.

If you have never driven a car with a coolant leak you are a lottery winner. I drove a 450SEL from Orlando to Gainesville (110mi) with a puking water pump stopping every 15 miles to add 3 quarts from my 2 gallon stash. If you have learned how to drive without burning up the motor in a coolant loss why would you want to pay for warrantee costs that include people who can't, in the risk pool.
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