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Well I finally got around to tearing apart the engine that I pulled out of my 240D last February or so.

Background; The engine rebuild had about 120,000 miles on it. It used a quart in 1,100 or 1,200 miles since the rebuild. I was screaming along in my low geared Euro 240D manual at about 75 MPH on the freeway when I heard a terrible knocking noise in the engine. I kicked it in neutral and coasted to the breakdown lane. Once stopped, I tried to refire it. It would hit on three cylinders, then lock up. There was oil all down the back of the motor around and below number four. I called the rollback and brought it home. I put an interim engine in it which has since given up itself.

I finally got it on the engine stand this morning and rotated it by hand with no problems. I put it on top dead center and the camshaft mark lined up perfectly. There was nothing apparently wrong under the valve cover. I pulled the head and found oil in number 4 cylinder. I also found oil on the headgasket, behind number 4 cylinder. The cylinders all look very nice. Crosshatch still showing and no ridge.

It could be my imagination, but it looks like the piston is smaller in that hole. There is more gap between the piston and cylinder wall. I can see the top of the ring when pearing in there. I put a snap guage in one of the other cylinders, set it, then put in 4. The cylinder seems to be the same size. I'm wondering if that piston was maybe a standard piston. The block was bored to first O/S.

The way I was bolted to the engine stand I couldn't remove the pan. I have to get a couple of bolts to remount the bottom two engine stand arms so I can get the pan off. I am now very anxious to see what I find when I pull this piston.

I will keep everyone informed about what I find.

Merry Christmas,
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