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I am learning a lot ...

In summary, I drained maybe two ounces out of my compressor (likely some still in the compressor?) ... first time the system had been opened (1991 350 SDL) ... I added 4 ounces of the esther oil, sealed, evacuated and recharged.

What is your best guess of how much I am "over" where should be?

Will the pressure switch or some other mechanism cause the clutch to disengage with too much oil? i.e. will compressor "pressure lock" or anything to provide a warning that something is wrong or will it run well for "x amount of time" and then blow seals, etc?

BTW, I rechecked with the folks at ackits ( ... same sort of site as this one) and they reconfirmed they pretty much try and use this oil, it mixes with no issues, etc. Tried to get'em to lean the other way, but they sounded convinced. Not saying they're right, just that they are convinced.

Thanks, again!
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