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Had to do flex discs on my '87 560SEL awhile back. Biggest problem on that car was getting the exhaust system out of the way (mostly just lowered it) and then removing the heat shield (just unbolt it). Six bolts on each end and you have to loosen the big nut on the middle of the driveshaft to collapse it a bit for clearance. I use a pipe wrench for that job. It's something like a 46mm nut, but not on that tight. Take your time and have a helper that can put the car in neutral then park over and over so you can rotate the drive shaft as you loosen the bolts. Also may want to jack up one rear wheel so you can rotate the rear axle. Call Phil and order both discs. I think they come with new bolts. The discs just get old and fail. Teenage kids (I have two) trying to fry the tires seems to speed up the failure process. Also kills CV joints and makes a bald stripe down the middle of your tires.
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