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Re: Euros

Originally posted by sjsfiji

I'm a bit confused on the E500/500E euro or non, made by Hella or Bosch, E-code, or non 500E/E500 euros.

Can you clarify the differences that would fit my car...

I am not very familiar with the different types.
The 500E lights are a different type all together as they have driving lights where the other models (300-400 E's) have the fog lamps, and instead have the fogs in the lower bumper.

As far as euro (aka E-code) or not euro (DOT), the pattern is different, the euro being much better. As far as what fits, I am pretty sure any one fits, at most you will have to move some wires around but the lamp will fit. The ones that you will have to do some modification to fit on pre '93 models, is the '94-95 model ones.

Hella and Bosch are pretty much standard OEM suppliers so I don't see how one could be all that different from the other one.

Hope this helps...
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