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That is how my 1990 Lexus LS400 was before I installed OEM Toyota/Lexus struts on the rear. About 6 months ago- the previous (an original) owner had "KYB" high performance struts installed. I could feel the rear suspension picking up every bump and the rear was difficult to press down. I actually like a soft ride and I knew this was not how the LS400 was supposed to be. I remember riding in my aunts 90 LS400, and it has a "floaty" ride, but I am guessing her shocks are getting worn. I have seen several LS400s, with floaty, super soft suspension. They are supposed to be somewhat soft and floaty on the LS400. I had the KYBs removed and had the Toyota struts installed in order to get the ride like the car had when it was new. The car has a much softer ride now. The suspension takes the large bumps with ease and you can hardly even feel them. I am really pleased now with my suspension.
I was very impressed with soft ride that the 84 300SD I test drove a few weeks ago. It was very soft and soaked up all bumps, but I am assuming the struts are a little worn.

Sounds like you saved a little money doing the change yourself. Did the rear seat have to be removed? I know that on most Toyotas (probably most Japanese cars), that the rear seats and sometimes rear package shelves have to be removed in order to change the rear struts. I had to pay $90.00 to get mine changed.

Originally posted by chazola
I like a firm ride too but I'm wondering if i tightened too much- it's pretty solid when you try the bounce test now -it's very stiff to push down a little way and it returns to the level position very sharply. I guess this is probably normal behavior for a brand new strut though.

My Haynes manual gives torque settings for the nuts so i'll go get a 17mm ext. socket so i can use my torque wrench to set them- 'cause i'm kinda pedantic like that :-)
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