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New to this great site.And will be gratefull for solid advice. Seriously considering a pre-owned MB, replacing suv.
Will have $12K or so. Had a 87 300TD for about 6 enjoyable, problem-free months...swapped even for pristine BMW 325IC..wife aways wanted the convertable.Enough said.
Hoping for long-term dependability/loyalty(I'm an old dog type),need 25+ hwyMPG, 35k+ road miles/year comfort, some entertainment value. Lower "nuisance" factor would help, but don't mind reasonable tradeoffs...will do PM's on time.
Another TD? TE? Could use the room. Looked at 2 TE 4Matics recently-both 91's with 150k, both nice-understand transfer case every 75K or so. That right? Also a nice 89TE with good records for $9K
Regular 300E or D may do fine too. Pre 86 too far back?
Like the 86-93 look but not stuck on it. A number of these avail.locally. Here the 87D has a good 6. Good choice?

Sorry for the generality..will greatly appreciate your thoughts.Any favorites out there that parallel?
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