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It appears I forgot to post the universal averages for this sample, so in case these numbers don't mean much to you I'll re-do it with the first column being actual values and the second column stating universal averages.

Aluminum 2/3
Chromium 0/1
Iron 5/10
Copper 4/6
Lead 1/1
Tin 0/0
Moly 66/61
Nickel 0/0
Manganese 0/1
Silver 0/0
Titanium 0/0
Potassium 0/1
Boron 134/111
Silicon 3/9
Sodium 5/6
Calcium 2537/2235
Magnesium 20/500
Phos 743/829
Zinc 876/994
Barium 0/0

Notice how the iron level is half the normal average and the silicon is one third the average, and that's using a K&N filter!!!
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