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Euro lights - DO IT!!

Hello all - I know there have been a ton of posts on the issue of Euro lights replacing the pathetic DOT headlights (in my case - on a 1991 300e 4matic). I just did it, and my reaction is - WOW! why did I wait so long??

Total cost for me has been $300 so far, which gets me the DEPO headlights ($265), Osram +50% H4 bulbs ($28) and various connectors/retainers ($8). I have yet to replace the body panels under the headlamps with the holes for the (now missing) headlight washer/wiper system.

The LOW beams on my new setup are better than the HIGH beams on the previous setup. I had previously tried the Sylvania 9004 Silverstar bulbs but was disappointed in the results.

This was the best $300 I've ever spent - it changed my attitude toward the entire car.


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