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Please be certain that you have the Euro lamps adjusted properly. If not you could be a real hazard to other drivers.

The horizontal cutoff on the RH side of the beam should drop 3" in 25 feet.

You need a flat surface with a wall 25 feet away. Measure the distance from the ground to the center of the lamps and the distance between lamp centers. Subtract 3" from the lamp height and place two pieces of tape on the on the wall with a marks at the proper height and the same horizontal distance apart as the lamp centers. Use a towel to cover one lamp so you can do each of them individually.

Back the car 25 feet away from the wall and set the lamp pitch angle to the 3" drop. The yaw angle should be zero - the intersection between the horizontal cutoff and 15 degree rise to the left should be dead ahead.

The top of the foglight cutoff should be set at the same height as the road lamps. The foglight beam cutoff is horizontal with no rise to the right. If fog lights are mounted below the bumper they can be set with the cutoff parallel to the ground.

Too many cars have foglights set with a rise, which blinds oncoming drivers.

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