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R170 Infoaccess CD-ROM - Worth the $95 ?

Hello all,
This is my first post here as I have recently acquired a 1999 SLK230. THe car is in perfect shape, 30K miles, all maint. done by local MB dealer. But since the warranty has expired, I am sure at some point it will need some tinkering.

I am wondering if anyone has purchased any of the Infoaccess CD-Roms from:

I am a very capable DIYer and I am looking for a shop manual for the R170, I know there is no such thing since the newer models are covered under multiple manuals. So would this CD be worth the $95? It seems to cover the vario roof, which should be worth it right there.

If you purchased one of these CDs, please let me know if it was helpful.

And thanks to all who post on this forum, it helped me a great deal when I went shopping for my new toy.
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