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Purchasing Help Needed

I'm really in a confused state. I want to get a MB SL and would like to spend less than 20K.
I am looking at a 97 SL500 with 125K miles for $16.3K..If I think the condition is good, I'm putting it to a mechanic to have it checked out.
Meanwhile, I just returned from looking at a fully restored '67 250SL ; well..its all new. no rust; fully restored. The guy who did the mechanical work ($12K worth) says the person selling the vehical may sell it for 20K but its worth more. Is that a true statement? What would a cherry (perfect?) '67 SL250 be worth?

So; what do I do? If I find a 'good' 97 SL500 for 17K or a perfect '67 250SL .

Please..I need your help in this.

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