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I am still driving mine with the leak and am planning on pulling the starter tomorrow to look up above it to make dog gone sure whether it is the head gasket or the rear main seal. I would be thinking bad thoughts if I pulled the tranny and it was not the rear main seal. I am definitely seeing oil on the outside of the bell housing and oil hanging off of the bolt threads. Even looks like there is some indication of oil down the side of the engine in the area of the starter. Now, my question is - how in the world is oil "puddling" in the bottom of the bell housing if it is coming from the rear of the head gasket (where the starter bolts on maybe)? Wouldn't it just flow to the lowest exterior point and blow off? Also, records on this car show that the head gasket was replaced around 40k miles ago. Shouldn't it have lasted longer than that if this turns out to be the problem? Personally, I feel like removing/replacing the head to replace the head gasket will be easier than the transmission for the rear main.
thanks for any answers/replys
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