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Jim,Donnie, Looks like I have a very similar situation, the oil is all over the bottom of the bell housing. There is an access hole for the flywheel on the bottom of the bell housing, oil does not seem to be coming out of here. I will pull it tomorrow, I would think that if it was the rear seal the oil would literally pour out. My starter is in the way also, not to mention a big frame rail. This area was my original suspicion. One other symptom, it does not make a puddle in the driveway, the oil accumulated while driving at highway speeds, does that offer clues? I would guess the rear seal would continue leaking after shut down. Is the head gasket capable of leaking at that rapid a rate? It also sounds like the repairs will be similar, I heard 10.3 hrs book time to do the HG on the G. The rear seal shouldn't be any tougher on the G, remember the transfer case is connected by a driveshaft not bolted to the transmission. Brent
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