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Mr. Dalton is dead on with his screwdriver technique

About a month or so ago my wifes calls and says the E320 won't start..I try jumping it because the battery "sounds" weak...nothing works, so I slam the hood in frustration and say to myself what the heck give one my try with the key and then call AAA for a tow. Well lo and behold it fires right up. I couldn't figure out why until this evening. She calls again tonight with the same problem. It cranks but the battery sounds weak and it won't fire up. Again I try jumping it...nothing works. I even try the "hood slam" technique but to no avail

I go home and grab some tools to remove the OVP and check my resolder of a cracked joint from a year ago but I decided to try a quick search on OVP for any new advice and saw this thread. So I go back to where the benz is and try the "tap with a screwdriver" technique and she fired right up and we were able to drive it home with no symptoms.

I'll stop by Overby's in the morning for a new OVP

Thanks Mr. Dalton. You've helped again.

Originally posted by Arthur Dalton
They usually will start right up if you just tap the OVP with a screwdriver handle...
Give it a try. Behind battery panel-remove plastic cover - tall aluminum can w/fuse on top...
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