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I went to paintscratch and saw under Paint Types where they say that most 87+ cars are basecoat/clearcoat. I'm sure that's true but Mercedes has some of the exceptions. Of course all metallics are clearcoated but Mercedes has had several non-metallics since then that were single stage, including Artic White. I think 040 black is still a single stage, I know it was through year 2000. The new Sprinter vans are single stage. I think single stage urethane is as good as it gets in auto paint, the popularity of clearcoat being largely an environmental compromise. The problem is that urethane has to be catalyzed and nobody has yet figured out how to catalyze a aerosel spray can. So in a spray can you're stuck with either laquer or enamel. I would go with enamel, which actually can be buffed a little if you let it dry for a few weeks, or maybe months in a NY winter. I don't think you'll need clearcoat - not to match the gloss on 17 year old paint. Paintscratch is probably a great company but I would guess that there's a number of auto paint stores on LI that will put color matched paint into a can, and offer more advice and assistance. Both PPG and Sherwin Williams offer the product - that is spray cans with thinner to which the dealer adds the paint. You do have to heed the instructions including those on temperature.
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