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oil cooler hose the EZ way

Ladies and Gentleman; I'am a new member but not a new mechcanic. Back in the late 60's early 70's I was an aircraft mechanic on C-130's and we had a lot of hydraulic issues. The oil cooler line problem is no problem at all. Now this repair is not OEM it does work. First get a drain pan slide it under your oil cooler fittings. Now take a dremmel tool with cut of wheel and cut off crimp length wise on top hose first. Now pry the old crimp off. Take a razor tool and start scoring the hose very gently not to score the barbs. Pull the hose off and do it the other side. This the parts you need Silicone hydaulic Hose( 5/8 inch id high temp high pressure) 8 worm type hose clamps with smoth inner surface. All you have to do is cut the hose to size and install 2 hose clamps per side(barb) And tighten the hell out of them. Your work is done , you didn't bust your knuckles or you oil cooler. Sincerely Bob Mendelson ex USAF
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