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Exclamation Putting the M103 Head back together - Need some info

First and foremost, I must say this forum is really informative for DIY-ers. So much info and everyone's always ready to lend a hand.

Anyways, I bought a Brabus Head from 2phast. The head came unassembled (to save on air freight costs) so I'm putting the head back together. As I first-timer, I have some questions which I hope you guys can help me out with...

1. Do M103 engines NOT use CAMSHAFT BUSHINGs?

2. After fitting of the CAMSHAFT, I'll be installing the Lifter/Rocker Assembly. What Torque Settings for this? Shall I replace with new bolts too?

After I get the head together, I'll then go ahead and swap the Cylinder Head with the "new" one.

Also, one more question:

3. Is it absolutely necessary to replace the timing chain/tensioner? It was replaced about 30000 miles ago.

Thanks guys!

Season Greetings...

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