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While I know nothing about the Dodge issue you speak of;

the 124 balljoint is under 'popout' load anytime the suspension hits its lower limit of travel.

my 124 balljoint did pop out of its socket at around 185k (shortly after I acquired it). The boot was not even torn! Fortunately it was moving very slowly at the time...

Your custom lifted suspension may put a lot more 'popout' stress on the balljoint, since it may reach the downward travel limit more frequently. Rough roads would stress it anyways.

Anyways, over here they run less than $30 each. With the labor rates you spoke of in a previous thread, I would just bet it would be cheaper to have the joint replaced. Really should do the CA bushings at the same time for good measure.

I believe the OE balljoint was Lemforder.
1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.
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