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A guide always leads.

As a guide always leads, you can write for every level. If the post goes over the head of the reader, he can learn or bail out. I have read posts that send me to the garage and posts that send me to the local shop. Sometimes I stretch my capabilities and knowledge, enjoying most every minute. I urge you to take the highest level and if the reader is lost, it's time for them to seek a local mechanic.

You cannot teach us, only guide and advise. Thank you for that. You are not responsible for research and if you suggest the reader invest in tools of manuals, it is up to the reader to weight the cost/benefit. I bought a torque wrench but not a BOSCH MOT. I think it is incredible that if the reader would buy the data and learn about the system that you would be willing to teach and walk through it on-line, for free. That kind of willingness is simply mind blowing.

IMHO, please don't stress, you are providing an outstanding free service and should be appreciated for whatever you post.

'85 SL500 Euro
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