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infamous 30,000 mile service

Hey guys, I just had my (MUCH NEEDED) 30,000 mile service done. My car now has about 175k on the dash and although it's still running strong, it has had a hand full of little problem. The 30k service really helped get rid of a lot of them, but I was wondering what your guy's experience was with this. Being that it's the first major service I have had done I was hoping to gather others opinions on it. I found a trusty shop to have it done for me and I totalled out at $1,113 for both parts and labor. This seems like a huge amount for what I'm used to but it included a lot. I also had some extra stuff done that was needed. It's kind of long, but I'm gonna list what I had done:

-6 spark plugs $36
-spark plug wire set $181.72
-distributor cap $129.80 <--- wow, expensive ignition parts!
-distributor rotor $42.25
-7 quarts of oil $12.60
-oil filter $8.20
-new oil filler cap $8.05
-distributor cover $7.33
-fuel filter $40.12
-air filter $28.63
-ps fluid $2.20
-brake fluid $2.25
-windshield wiper fluid $1.95
-antifreeze $7
-3 qts AT fluid $5.70
-AT filter $14.95
-AT oilpan gasket $11.95
-engine degreaser $5.95
-silicon lube $4.95

parts total was $577.49 with one extra thing i can't understand on the sheet so i didnt include. He also did the rear differential fluid which he said he ended up forgetting to charge me for but he said it was no big deal.

labor total was 448.50, and once again total was $1,113

Does everything seem to check out okay? The guy seemed to have done a great job and was very fair in price and work. I'm just curious because it's the first time I've had it done.
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