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You may very well already be aware of this so don't feel insulted if that is the case. I just want to make sure that you are aware that there are compressors out there with several different (at least two) seal arrangements. When the car was new, the compressors had a simple o-ring. Over the years, some of the replacement units had bigger "o-ring" grooves and took some seals that were sort of a sandwhich.

If you were to have the wrong seals for your particular compressor it could cause the manifold to bend as seen in the picture.

The manifold is the same for either, but make sure you have the correct seal to prevent the new manifold from bending.

Additionally, I have had the bolt hole messed up before such that the bolt cross threaded, resulting in incorrect positioning of the manifold and causing a leak. A trip to the hardware store for the correct tap, and that problem was fixed.

I hope this rambling will be helpful.

Good luck and Merry Christmas,
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