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I am using about 1 quart every 450 to 500 miles. I might also be losing some to leakage but it is the oil contamination on the plugs that finally convinced me that I needed to replace the seals. Mine is a 1989 300E with 110K but is suffering from about a year of running on Penzoil 10-30. I am back to Quaker 20-50 and it seems that I now have a smaller drip pattern on the driveway. I replaced the O2 sensor about a year ago and I did the O2 sensor test which showed a 520Ma reading so I figured I would do the stem seals first and hope for the best. Since I need to pass the emissions test immediately, I am willing to try a few things prior to buying a new CAT. Incidentally, my HC was 1.20GPM (.80 standard). Is there anything you guys can tell me to help me pass this test?
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