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w210 . 606 Fan Clutch and tensioner - help needed ASAP!

I am really in a bind and am hoping you guys can help out. I need to use my car for hoiday traveling and recently noticed a few problems:

1) A few months ago I replaced my tensioner shock because it was rattleing and was told that the bushings go W210.606. I was later told the I should have done the spring too. I did the belt at the same time. Last week I noticed the belt squeaking. This morning the belt is and tensioner was flopping all over the place. I undrestand now that I should replace the tensioner spring

What is the correct way to do this?

2) As I was looking at my tensioner, I spun my fan and it kept spinning. Does this mean that I need to do my fan clutch too?

Help is appreciated as time is short. Thanks.
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