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Since you just got the car and the pads are shot (unless the sensor is bad), I would recommend replacing rotors, pads and the brake hardware. Even if the rotors still have life left in them you're better off spending another $150 and getting all new parts. Obviously stopping is important and if your going to drive the car more than another 10k miles it will be worth it.

The DIY articles on this site are great. If you have some mechanical inclination you should be able to do the job in minutes per wheel. Once you have everything apart to replace the pads, the rotors only require two more bolts to be removed. Make sure that you used anti-squeel compound between your pads and the calipers. With the age of your car it's worth the small to replace all the hardware as well (springs, pins, bolts).

Also, use brake parts cleaner on the calipers, all female threaded holes, wheel hub and contact surface between the hub/rotor/wheel. The cleaner can also be used to help loosen the pads if they are stuck to the caliper piston.

Give it a shot, you'll save some cash.
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