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Oh, Maestro himself!

>It needs .7v running to enter the idle map strategy.

Thats's exactly what I am trying to reach - but how???

>the on and the off position of the airflow plate aren't the same

I deflected the plate by hand with engine off to the idle position if engine on. Hence it was approx the same position. I had .7V eng off and 6V eng on at this position.

And as I said, with less then 3.5V at idle the engine stalls. So how can I reach 0.7V?

When EHA is connected, idle is not steady. I am still searching my rev meter so I can only guess it's about 50 to 100 rpm. However, it sounds as if idle would stall due to a load (like from a/c, what I don't have). Idle stalls very quickly, remains there for 1 to 2s and then goes quickly up again. The sound of the engine is as if it would pull something.
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