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Bud, to answer your question of how many miles do I have on the old injectors....212,000 ....and, now that I have had time to think it over very well, I pulled a few plugs (right after it died on me, on the side of a country road at 2am!) the plugs looked red, like that means that the rust did get to the injectors.

Needless to say, I went hunting (after sleeping in my car, since the 24hr tow wanted $150) and got my car to the house. I pulled the fuel tank, cleaned it well with rocks and Naval Jelly at the car wash with high pressure hot water. I let it air dry, replaced it, replaced the fuel filter and gas line from the tank (which was dry-rotten) and it seemed to make a difference until it warmed up.

Once it warmed up, there was no throttle response at all, and it would just die out, and not crank back. So, I went hunting again....pulled the intake and fuel system to look for cracks in the rubber housing (under the air intake valve). Found a few dry-rotten places, cleaned like new, and sprayed Epoxy paint to seal and make a temp. fix, to determine if that was a problem, but it was not.

I looked at all the obvious things without running down the entire fuel delivery system. The fuek distributor had a bit of rust sediment in it, so I cleaned it and re-installed change in throttle response. My testing equipment has been limited....voltmeter, digital voltmeter and a cheap book from the U.K. that claimed it would be the best book for me to purchase.....which was incorrect information! The book is titled "Mercedes W124 1985 to 1995".

Maybe you guys could tell me your opinion of the "Mercedes Bible".........I appreciate your replies, and this board!

I'll keep you posted as to my injector cleaning.
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