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Steve, I really thank you and all the other master mechanics who offer their valuable time for FREE.
One way I try "repay" for this service is to share my limited experience with my car with other members in a OPEN forum, that way, you and the rest of the experts do not have to "waste" your time with "minor stuff" and, at the same time, other members can benefit from the exchange of knowledge. If not now, maybe in the future (archives).
I am a DIY because I like working on my car and, at the same time, save some money in the process. However, I DO KNOW MY LIMITATIONS.
I advise everybody to INVEST in the manuals. If they choose not to buy for A or B reasons then, they are on their own.
Steve, I know you make a living from your trade and as a businessperson you know you can not satisfy everybody but, please do not get discourage, there are some people out there that really appreciates your efforts and all others involved in this wonderful site. Thank you!!!.

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