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because i've read a lot of posts that came to that conclusion.

Okay, does ANYBODY have any PROVEN SCIENTIFIC or ENGINEERING data as to why Wix filters suck in a Mercedes application? I used to "hear" and "read" lots of things about Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny.

Let me reiterate, does ANYONE have ANY ACTUAL DATA?

Let me add that the parts store where I buy my "regular" auto parts is also an auto repair shop and machine shop. Besides selling parts, they also repair automobiles and their customers include a few local municipalities. They are NOT a crappy NAPA shop, but an independent father and son operation heavily involved in racing. They also recommended the independent M-B shop where I take my car.

When I asked the shop where I take my car, their response was, "Wix makes a good filter, but we use Mann. If you want, so-and-so can sell you a Mann filter for our price, or we could probably help you out, but Wix is just fine."

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