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need to read

if you can get the spec cheet for the MBZ filter for the WIX and they match up for rated flow, pressures, and efficiency (usually a beta ratio) and the WIX looks comprable, I would have no problems using WIX or any other brand if the build quality looked good. luckily with these canister type filters build quality is much easier to determine. if you doubt anything, cut the OEM and other one open and look. some manufacturers have a nasty habit of giving you a cross reference filter that fits the hole, but isn't up to spec.

if you do the homework, you can use any part with confidence.

the "OEM" only crowd are the same shoppers who buy "Alleve" ot "Advil" because the brand name is "better", when any pharmacist will tell you that the stuff is identical to the 1/3 price generic. They think feel better than we do, and the spend a bit more. But we know the truth. Giggle giggle chuckle chuckle.
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