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Had ASD/ASR episode w/ 92 600sel. Hot engine, climbing low speed mtn roads, low airflow and old battery. Next day did MB dealer diagnosis, got code for switch in Throttle Actuator and low battery. Battery was old and replaced on spot. Still have Check Engine light, but no ASD or ASR lights and no limp home mode. You are 1st person to mention Battery issue. I always felt that w/ the complexity of the 140 electrical systems using older technology, that quality of the electrical power source could be a serious factor in these problems. Other early-mid 90s cars w/ heavy reliance on electronics get finnicky when their batteries get older, even US brands like Ford and Chrysler. Heat seems to be the other big issue, damaging wire harnesses, pc boards, pcboard components, other engine compartment electrical components, and melting coatings/insulations that foul contacts and sensors,etc. I'm working a heat reduction plan and looking at a Throttle Actuator refurb effort since these are $3000ea fromMB.
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