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hi jimdandy

i just posted on the other fram filter thread an amusing story.

i should have added that after 2 filter failures i switch to wix filters even thou i had to pay for those.

anyway... i don't think anybody can say which filter is better. mann wix or fram (excuse me) we don't have the necessary actual performance analysis figures to compare. but i would venture to say that if you replaced your oil regularly, changed filters each time (using whatever you're comfortable with) you probably won't have anymore problems than if you used only the mann filters.

i will say this however. i buy my filters over the internet 5 pcs at a time and they have an average cost delivered to me of 4-5 dollars apiece. all 3 of my cars use the same filter. so i luck out.

guys we got to remember even bosch is using India as a supply country so german engineering and german manufacturing may just be a myth anylonger.
Thanks Much!

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