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Talking Rust Update: Patient recovering

The rust had clogged the injectors, to the point where I had to boil the injectors in a solution of water and Naval Jelly, for about 5 minutes, and then boiled a second time in water. Many rust particles (fine particles that dissolve into sediment when you touch it) had loged into all the injectors.

While I had the fuel dist. lines off, I cleaned them with a guitar string (E string, with a string wound around a string) and then boiled them as well. Each time I would wipe the guitar string with a clean shop cloth, residue would appear. I continued this cleaning process and installed all injectors and lines, cranked engine and it ran excellent, and had great throttle response, but while warming up, it started to run rich and wanted to die, so I removed the cold start valve to clean and inspect, reinstalled and it was too late and cold to try it again, so I will start it in the morning and hope all components work together as a 300E should.

I also removed the OVP and will visually inspect it for heat damage and/or solder connections. I am really looking forward to spending time inside this car with the speedometer at 70mph on the interstate highway!
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